Update v2.3 Changelog - Parsh Revamp and Many Bug Fixes
19 days ago

Hello, here's the changelog for update v2.3:

- Parsh world revamped, ores like iron, coal, and even (rarely) diamonds will spawn in the mountains. Also, the caves have been revamped as well!

- Dungeons revamped, there have been 5 new room additions and new loot tables.

- Tons of bug fixes

- Spawn has been revamped!

- Custom mob spawn rate in the Overworld has been reduced so new players aren't killed instantly. Custom mob spawn rates in Parsh are boosted. 

Update v2.2 - Custom Beacons and Optimizations Added
about 1 month ago

Hello, here's the changelog for update v2.2:

- New beacon effects have been added to the server, as well as a max range of 500 blocks now.

- Enchanted Golden Apple recipe added back to the game

- Chat report is disabled now

- Server is updated to 1.19.2 now

- Optimizations and bug fixes

Update v2.1 - New Armor and Performance Enhancements
about 1 month ago

Here's the changelog for update v2.1:

- Added the Ruby armor set, recipe book for it can be found in game. If you can't find the recipe, contact staff for help. This new armor set is ultra resistant to lava damage and is a tier up from Netherite armor.

- Ruby Sword added, which gives you a damage boost when you're on fire, and also "poisons" people you attack as well.

- Custom Mobs now spawn based off of light and not specifically during night, and they spawn at light levels 7 or less.

- Optimizations to the server performance

Update v2.0.1 - Grand re-release, spawning, and combat update
about 1 month ago

Hello, here's the changelog for update 2.0.1:

- Fixed the thousands of mobs spawning in oceans and rivers, littering them. If you find any more unusual spawning like that, please do tell me. They now don't spawn in water/lava, depending on the mob.

- Mobs no longer tag you into combat, so you can log out if you get attacked by mobs.

Update v1.9 - Boss World and Custom Armor
3 months ago

Here's the changelog for update v1.9:

- Added the boss world, which will be used for all current and future bosses. To go there, just use "/warp bosses"

- Super Golem boss added, which drops Super Golem Shards.

- Golem set added, which gives you 2x regen rate, an extra 4 hearts, and 3 bonus hearts when you get below 30% health. Crafted with the Super Golem Shards!

- Optimizations and bug fixes

- Minecraft chat added, which means you can chat with players in the Minecraft server from Discord and vice versa.

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